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Instruction and Clinics

Carina Cooper

Owner, Hawaii Equine Assisted Reflection & Therapy

"Whitney has been an incredible person to work with and learn from. She is fun and inspiring as well as professional. She has a great ability to teach with ease, maintain patience, and work with students at their level. I've had the opportunity to be a working student for Whitney for over 2 years now and in this time my skills as a rider have improved far past my expectations. I competed in my first recognized event and attended smaller local shows with Whitney. As my trainer and coach, Whitney has given me great confidence as well as the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. I am so grateful of the time I've spent riding and working with Whitney because through this experience she has become a wonderful friend. I would recommend Whitney to anyone looking to improve their riding, bring their horse in for training, or looking for a place to board their horse."


Rachel Childers

Graduate Student at University of Kansas

"Whitney is a competent, young professional horsewoman with a fantastic attitude. She is both cheerful during her work and insightful as a trainer and teacher. She quickly reads each horse and rider and makes useful comments and critiques. As a fellow eventer, I'm honored to count Whitney as part of the group."


Luann L. Urban  Adult Amateur rider

"...Whitney has a well thought out lesson plan for her students.  During the week, she asks me how my schooling is going so she is aware of the issues I'm dealing with.  Whitney pushes me enough so that I feel challenged by what I'm learning in a lesson, but I'm not overfaced.  As an instructor, Whitney relates well to her students and can explain what she wants from you, and why, in a manner that is easily understood.  I totally enjoy my lessons and look forward to each ride with Whitney."    


Beth Welch

"...I was thrilled to find Whitney Weston. it's obvious that she has a deep understanding of the progressive training of the horse and rider, a real love of horses and of teaching, and is professional and empathetic. In my lessons and in the lessons I've observed, the horses and riders finished their rides more confident, relaxed, happy and competent than they'd been when they started.  I would highly recommend Whitney to any serious rider seeking quality instruction or training in dressage, combined training or show jumping."


Berniece Foy

Dressage Instruction ,Training and Boarding at Top Form Farms

"Whitney Weston continues to impress me on the quality she brings to the barn showing and caring for her clients. Top quality facility and still the family owned feeling." 


Shelly Gerritsma

"I trained with Whitney for two years while in Oregon.  Her profesionalism, passion for the sport, and experience, made her the top choice for my young horse and I."


Training and Sales
Christina Spencer
Business Manager,/Associate of Fresh Aire Events / Accounting Technician & Graduate Coordinator at University of Oregon

"Whitney was positive, professional, and creative as she demonstrated her ability to instruct riders of various levels at a recent eventing clinic in 2011 at Make Your Mark Farm in Springfield, OR. All riders benefited from her knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to share her love of the sport."


Jessica Bradley
Labor Relations Adjudicator/Mediator at State of Washington--PERC

"Whitney is a talented rider, a supportive coach, and a great person to spend time with. I feel lucky to have her in my network of horse friends.Whitney is passionate about eventing and provides solid and supportive coaching to her students."


Adam Gerritsma
Production Artist at

"Having seen Whitney train with her students and clientele, there's no doubt she is dedicated to building a healthy and respectful relationship between rider and horse."


Merry Ann Moore
Better marketing results through great content, social media, web-based marketing, business writing & PR

"We purchased a wonderful eventing mare, Violet, from Whitney in 2010. Violet had been extremely well cared for, and every part of the sale was fair and open. We had questions about some minor scarring and Whitney was forthright. The horse has proved to be just the horse we were told she is. My daughter returned to Whitney's barn last summer for a clinic, and found it a delightful setting. The atmosphere is friendly, and professional/competitive without being cut-throat. Just the sort of place you want your daughter to learn about horsemanship."


Karen Souza

"Whitney did a wonderful job training my Warmblood gelding Knight. She was very professional, I loved the way she worked with him and how he responded to her. If I ever need another horse trained, I will definitely hire her again!"


Shelly Gerritsma

"Whitney did a fantastic job training, marketing, and selling my young gelding!  Not only did he find the perfect match in his new owner, but my mind was put at complete ease knowing all of the details were handled by a pro."


Shelly Gerritsma

"Whitney did an INCREDIBLE job finding my perfect horse.  Although she is an Eventer by trade, her experience in the horse world enabled her to find my amazing gelding Aloube' 6, a world class Holsteiner who absolutely loves his new career as a Dressage horse.  We have been consistently in the ribbons at shows and continue to thrive.  I would have never found such a perfect match without Whitney!"

From the pros!


"Whitney combines a true love for horses and horse sport with talent, dedication and drive....all done with a great sense of fun and humor!"

-Robert Costello, US Olympian


"I have had the opportunity to observe Whitney in training and competition. Whitney is a hard working and good rider with the potential to go far in the sport of three-day eventing. She is very dedicated to the sport."

-Olympic Gold Medalist Phillip Dutton


"Eventing is a difficult sport. It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Whitney meets all these demands with an enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. This attitude will certainly help her in her goal to compete at the international level...I find that she...will make her goal of competing at a four star event. There is no doubt in my mind that Whitney will succeed in her endeavors."

-Olympic Long List and International Eventer John Camlin

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